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we are not-for-profit

NextGen FC is a proud member of Jumpstart, a national charitable program that makes sport and recreation more accessible to all children. As a non-profit organization, we’re committed to offering high-quality soccer programs while keeping registration fees affordable for families.

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NextGen FC

At NextGen FC Kanata, Ottawa, ON, our development programs and sessions focus on building skills and knowledge of the game through training, and fun activities. Our Soccer club in Kanata is more than just a place to learn how to play soccer; it’s a hub for skill development with a focus on ball mastery, technical development and mobility.

We believe in the power of soccer to teach important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and leadership. Our dedicated team of trained coaches will strive to provide a learning environment for players to develop technical skills to excel and enjoy soccer to its fullest. We believe that every player has the potential for soccer excellence and to be the leaders of our community.

why us?

This is why you should look no further...

Expert Coaching Team

Your child will receive personalized guidance and mentorship from our highly skilled coaches, ensuring their growth as a football player.

Inclusive and Friendly Atmosphere

Your child will feel a sense of belonging and make lasting friendships, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Comprehensive Programs

We offer specialized programs for different age groups and skill levels, allowing your child to find the perfect fit for their development.

Focus on Character Development

Beyond soccer skills, your child will learn essential life skills like teamwork, discipline, and leadership, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

Safety and Wellness Priority

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your child, ensuring a secure and healthy environment for their development and enjoyment of the sport.

Progress and Feedback

We provide feedback to keep you informed about your child's development and areas for improvement.

Soccer Development Programs

At NextGen FC, your children will be able to learn how to play soccer, develop their skills, improve techniques, and make new friends. We help our players become champions and hope to continue to play soccer professionally. Moreover, we accept players ages 5 to 18! Learn more about how you can become a member and explore our technical development programs.

our classes

We offer a variety of programs tailored to different age groups and skill levels. Whether your child is just starting out or looking to take their game to the next level, we have a program for them.

  • Mini-Kickers (Ages 3-4): Introducing children to the fundamentals of soccer, such as using your feet, dribbling, and the basic rules of the game through engaging and fun activities. Parents are welcome to join!
  • Level 1 (Ages 5-8): An introduction to the basics of soccer in a fun and engaging way.
  • Level 2 (Ages 9-12) Youth Development: Designed to enhance fundamental skills and tactical understanding.
  • Level 3 (Ages 13-18): Designed to enhance technical skills, discipline, and endurance. Focus on academics and hard work for scouting and post-secondary opportunities to play soccer at a professional level (college/university, MLS, and overseas opportunities).
  • Elite Training: For serious players looking to compete at the highest levels.


Soccer Club in Kanata, Ottawa

We invite you to join our soccer club and watch your child grow as a player and an individual. Here, they will not only learn to play soccer but also develop essential life skills and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to become the best soccer player they can be. Enroll them at NextGen FC today, and let’s kick-start their soccer journey together!

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